Quitting Coffee and Breaking Addictions - Quitting Smoking

22 Jul

Body like a slave to drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, or any some other  addictive behavior. You're not alone. Almost all people have some form of  psychological or physical addiction. The first step in breaking an habit is  becoming aware of it. The second and very important step in order to breaking a habit is to take action.

Here is an example of things for breaking an addiction:

Find the Trigger:

Become really aware of the times and  places when you get the cravings. Is actually their a trigger, ie  stress?

Try to hold off upon indulging in the addiction until a later  time. It might even be only a few minutes later, but it is important that you crack the chain of patterning.

Restrain from Behavior:

Giving up  cold turkey is an option, but a slower weening off of the addiction is also a  possibility. For example , in quitting espresso, begin to drink maybe only one  cup instead or several cups a day. One can also find an alternative for a short  period of time such as tea, but remember the goal is not to change the addiction  with another but to break the dependency.

Allow the body to  Rest:

The body will often have withdrawals from the cravings and feel  tired. how to quit caffeine, the body has been utilized to artificial stimulation for an  extend period of time and when the excitement has been removed, it will likely crash. For this reason it may be beneficial to take a week off from work or  maybe even a leave associated with absence, especially if the triggers are at  work. It is also recommended to visit a Retreat and Renewal Center. That will allow one to relax and likely detox.

Some recommended centers include  Kripalu within MA and Mount Madonna Institute in CA.

Start to Detox:

It can also be helpful during this time to engage in a detox from  the body. Remember to take it slow since a detox could be pretty intense because  all the stored toxins in the body obtain released into the blood stream for  removal. For this reason drink lots of water. Also cutting out processed foods  and eating more organic foods(fresh fruits and vegetables) will aid in the  cleansing of the internal organs. The Raw Food diet is also important for  providing necessary nutrients and minerals to the body.

Changing  Routine:

It is also very helpful to break the daily routine during this  process. As mentioned above having a week off from work or leave of absence. Be  more successful to break daily habits, when you are not in your daily routine.  Investing even only a few days at a retreat center like Kripalu can be helpful.  It can be especially helpful because centers like Kripalu have education of  nutritional eating and all level yoga exercise as part of the  stay.

Breaking addictions can be challenging. Some addictive problems are  connected to deep repressed traumas as a way of dealing. It is pivotal to have  patience and compassion towards your self in the process.

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